Happy Birthday Santa!! Haha. Merry Christmas to everyone, wherever you may be in the world!!

I’m sitting with a cup of tea and my feet up, about to fall into a turkey coma but I just wanted to write a quick post. This Christmas is my first back in my hometown, Ottawa, since 2003! Since then, I’ve had 3 Christmases in Canada….the rest have been hot ones down under. It’s so nice to have a cold Christmas; this is what I grew up with and it’s nice to get back to it. It just doesn’t feel the same in Australia, family or no family.

I had a lovely sleep in this morning and then had a nice relaxing day of reading and snacking and then Dad picked me up and we came to my uncle’s house for Christmas dinner. It was an amazing deal with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potato, green beans, turnips, bread rolls, gravy and wine! Lots of wine and delicious at that! At one point I had a glass of red on one side of my plate and a glass of white on the other! We had a lovely gathering of my uncle, his partner, her kids, my dad, his partner, my gramma, my other uncle and his son and me! Ten in total. So impressed with Lesley’s effort!

Tomorrow is a family gathering/pot luck with everyone else who didn’t come today. Can’t wait!

I’ll head off before my food coma sets in….I hope everyone had a great day and that Santa was good to everyone and you all had a wonderful time with your families.

The gorgeous tree!

The gorgeous tree!