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Brisbane loves it some fireworks. National holidays, New Year’s Eve, day-long festivals, concerts, Christmas, seemingly random occasions…you name it and I guarantee Brisbane does fireworks to celebrate it! Seriously, several times a year, I will hear random bursts of fireworks where there was no warning or indication of why they were being let off. This is why I love Brisbane so much! I love fireworks. Actually I absolutely, completely, wholeheartedly ADORE fireworks!! Don’t quite believe me? Brisbane does Christmas fireworks for 3 straight days one weekend every December; the display is the same each night and the soundtrack is the same….I go all 3 nights! This particular Riverfire I took over 150 photos! I might have a fireworks problem 🙂

Riverfire is the highlight of the Brisbane Festival every September. The Brisbane Festival is a 3 week festival celebrating everything about this glorious river city I live in! There are concerts, films, foodie celebrations, family fun, light shows and, most importantly, fireworks. Riverfire is usually the first or last Saturday night of the festival and is almost 30 minutes of fireworks. They burst off barges dotted along the river, from rooftops across the city centre and off bridges, including the Story Bridge, Brisbane’s most well known bridge.

My view of the Story Bridge and Brisbane skyline for the fireworks. Amazing full moon too!

Riverfire is a day-long event, complete with family friendly concerts and displays from Black Hawk helicopters and Super Hornet jet fighters. Brisbane is divided in half by the river and there are plenty of spots along the river and around the city to catch the display. South Bank, my favourite spot in the city, is the most popular with families but there is also the Kangaroo point cliffs, Mt Cootha, the Botanical Gardens, the City Riverwalk and, for those lucky few with boats, the river itself. My very first Riverfire I was lucky enough to watch it from a boat on the river-I actually got goosebumps that day!

Riverfire begins!!

I have attended every year that I have lived in Brisbane (I’m actually disappointed I’ll miss next year when I’m in London!), and this year, for some reason, none of my friends wanted to go. Lame! So I decided to go on my own because there was no way I was giving up my fireworks! Plus I have a different camera this year so wanted to practice my fireworks photo ability.  I went down to the Riverwalk about 5:30pm (fireworks are at 7pm) and snagged myself a prime spot beside a cute little family, right along the fence and with a perfect view of the Story Bridge. The Black Hawks entertained the crowds by hovering low, waving glow sticks and then angling the helicopter blades so water was sprayed ove the crowd. The kids, including this big kid right here, loved it! The Super Hornets soared throughout the city with a supersonic boom to shake the buildings. The Super Hornets also had the task of officially opening Riverfire with a low swoop and a bright burst of fuel! There was a full moon as well, which only added to the stunning view of the city skyline at night.


How awesome is it?!

Needless to say I loved it! The fireworks waterfall is my absolutely favourite part!

Goosebumps every time!

Who doesn’t like fireworks?! Riverfire I’ll miss you in 2013 but you can bet I’ll be front and centre for 2014!!!