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Yesterday afternoon I finished work early at 12pm and since it was a beautiful day, I decided to head into the city to do a bit of shopping. Queen Street Mall is a pedestrian-only street in the heart of Brisbane, chock-a-block full of wonderful shops, cafes and restaurants.

Queen Street Mall

I always prefer to head into the city and go to Queen Street for shopping. Brisbane’s climate lends well to outdoor shopping and the mall tends to be bustling every day. Now, it’s even getting more chic with stores like Chanel and Tiffany & Co. recently opening here. I’ve been wanting to go shopping because I have a few events coming up before I move that require dressing up. Coming up first is a friend’s bridal shower which is themed like a fancy brunch and we’re to wear “pastel dresses”. Now it’s taken me many years to grow into being a girl with clothes and, while I now have several dresses hanging in my closest, none are pastel. I have black ones and brightly coloured ones but am not much of a pastel girl. I even asked friends if they had something I could borrow but had resigned myself to buying a new dress. I figure, at the very least, I can wear it to an afternoon tea in London once I move! After fruitless searches on the internet, I finally found something in Jeans West. This is a good shop for jeans (as the name might suggest…) but they occasionally have other good finds. I found this little number and was satisfied it had pastel in it.

My new dress: this is as close to pastel as I can go.

Since it was such a beautiful day and I was in a good mood from finishing work so early on the Friday of a long weekend, I decided to treat myself to some makeup. I’ve been wanting an eye shadow palette for awhile now. I don’t wear heaps of makeup, or any really beyond concealer (imagine your physio in full makeup-it just doesn’t work!), but when I do wear it, it’s usually eye makeup. We all have things we like or hate about ourselves but I think I can safely say my eyes are my best feature so I always try to play them up. I’ve been wavering between a Too Faced palette (recommended by Mum) and a Stila palette (recommended by Lisa Eldridge, a UK makeup artist-she does amazing tutorial videos on her blog).

My little beauty haul

After discussing with the salesgirl, I decided I liked the colours more in the Stila “In The Light” palette. I also picked up some adorable purse-sized hand wipes (because you never can be too prepared!), some amazing paw paw ointment (cult item in Australia) and a little stain remover pen (following the “you can never be too prepared” line).

Overall, a very productive day I’d say. I was so pleased with it all that I treated myself to a little mint choc chip gelato. A delicious way to finish off an afternoon of shopping, if I do say so myself.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I know I will because it’s a long one here. I’m off to play with my new makeup 🙂