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Well it’s that time of year again….tax time. Well technically the financial year in Australia ended June 30th and we don’t have to do our returns until October 31st but when it comes to money, I lose my procrastinating ways ūüôā

Yesterday I went to see an accountant to sort out my tax return. I would have done it earlier except he was overseas for awhile. In Australia, there is a lovely free computer program that one can easily fill in the blanks and sort out their return. Accountants, however, know all the little tricks to get as much back as possible so they are worth their fee! At least mine is! Sarah’s tax return this year is pretty good and I’ve been contemplating how to use it. Should I be responsible and pay down a line of credit? Should I put it into my London fund for when I move in December? Should I upgrade my plane ticket? Decisions, decisions!

After much thought (and discussion with Mum), I have decided to be a responsible adult and do 2 things with it. Firstly, I will use it to pay to store my car while I am overseas so that cost does not impact my savings for the move and secondly, I will take the remainder and put it on my line of credit. God sometimes I hate being a financially responsible adult! Sometimes I wish I could just throw responsibility out the window and spend money willy-nilly. Maybe one day I’ll win the lottery and will be able to live that dream out. Until then, financial responsibility is my life.

The consideration of this decision reminded me of what I’d LIKE to do with it instead. Years ago, I made a life list and still have it to this day. Here are just a few of the things on my life bucket list:

  • ¬†Learn how to stand up for myself¬†-I am all talk and no action-this is a work in progress!
  • Become fluent in French¬†-I can hold a conversation, order food etc but I’m nowhere near what one would call fluent.
  • Visit Italy: Rome, Venice, Florence– ride a gondola in Venice, see the¬†Colosseum in Rome, eat pasta and gelati in Florence….
  • Visit the Vatican¬†-I’m not religious but went to Catholic schools. This would be an experience even for¬†the non-religious.
  • Learn how to say “hello/goodbye/please/thank you” in the language of every country I visit¬†–¬†this is just polite. Learning any other words is bonus.
  • Visit Spain: Barcelona, Madrid¬†-Drink sangria and eat tapas in Spain? Yes please!
  • See whale sharks in Western Australia¬†-you can even swim with them. Gentle giants that they are, I still¬†think it would be terrifying just based on their sheer size!
  • Visit Greece: Athens, Greek Isles –¬†riots aside, this country looks so beautiful! Plus I want to see the Parthenon in Athens and relax on a Greek beach!
  • Go on safari in Africa¬†-how amazing to see the big 5 in their native habitat!
  • Adopt at least one animal from a shelter¬†–my first pet, Auri, was a rescue and I believe this is the only¬†way to get a pet.
  • Visit Prague–¬†all accounts are this city is stunning and I hope to add it to my list next year.
  • Own and decorate my own home¬†-self-explanatory
  • Learn to apologize gracefully¬†-another of those “becoming a grown up” ones.
  • Have fireworks at my wedding¬†-should my plan A of becoming a crazy cat spinster lady fall through and I get¬†drunk enough to agree to marriage, I want this!
  • Become a competent and respected physiotherapist¬†– self-explanatory
  • Participate in a home-exchange program¬†–cheapest way to travel overseas and best way to experience¬†life as a local.
  • Stand on the International Date Line¬†-just one of those quirky, fun ones.
  • Go horseback riding -maybe even on a beach ūüôā
  • Learn to drive a manual car¬†-this is for safety as well as practicality
  • Stay in a 5 star hotel¬†-who doesn’t want to do this?! Maybe in Paris?
  • Fly in first/business class on a international flight¬†-again, who doesn’t want to do this?! I take so many long¬†flights living in Oz so this would be awesome!
  • Adopt a child*¬†– if I ever decide to stop¬†being selfish and give up my sleep-ins, why not with me and my cats?! There are so many children who need good homes in the world.
  • Teach my kids to be multi-lingual¬†-if I have kids, this is a great gift to give them.

Things I’ve been able to cross off my list:

  • Buy 1 ridiculously expensive item & not regret it¬†-Jimmy Choo black leather pumps for my 30th birthday,¬†and I certainly have not regretted it!
  • Live in Australia indefinitely– I am about to become an Australian citizen-will post about it when it becomes official in November.
  • Spend New Years Eve in Sydney for the harbour fireworks¬†– done Dec 31st 2010 with my friends Kas and Jen.
  • Attend the Olympics¬†– Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010-Go Canada!
  • Attend the Stanley Cups Finals +/- World Juniors¬†-Canadians will get this one! I attended the 2 home¬†games when my Ottawa Senators made it in 2007. Sadly they¬†lost but it was great!
  • See U2 in concert¬†–¬†accomplished in Brisbane in 2010 with friends Jen and Kim.
  • See the sunrise/sunset over Uluru in outback Australia¬†– April 2009 with friend Lisa over Easter break
  • Take a cooking class in France– took 3 with my mother in February 2012-loved them all!
  • Show my family around Australia¬†-my sister in 2006, my dad in 2009, my mum/cousin/aunt/sis in 2009 and my mum again in 2011.
  • Move to the UK and travel around Europe–¬†this one is on the cards for 2013, plane tickets are booked!

Coming up with your own bucket list is pretty fun. Have you ever done one? What’s on your list?