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I’m so excited I can finally talk about my plans for 2013…….I’m moving to London!!! For years I have wanted to live and work in the UK and, in recent years, this goal has been refined to London itself. After visiting London in January, I fell in love with it! Even in the freezing cold, I loved it! I began making plans with my friend Not Just Another Milla and the two of us worked on convincing my mother it was a good idea. We were able to make her see the light by introducing her to a proper English afternoon tea and clotted cream. Since then, she’s been super supportive. Bribing her with birthday/Mother’s Day gifts from Harrod’s doesn’t hurt either 😉

My biggest factor in making the decision to go was my job here in Australia. I absolutely love my job! I work with a great bunch of people and have a fantastic boss. Going to work every day is not a trial at all. I have, in fact, postponed this move twice because I loved the job so much. In the past few years I’ve learned that life is short, you must do what you enjoy and that you’ll very rarely regret doing something but almost always regret *not* doing something. So it is with that spirit in mind (and the fact my 31st birthday is Feb 2013 and only those under 31 are eligible for a UK Tier 5 working holiday visa) that I made the decision to move to London for a year. It is a 2 year visa but I figure its best to start with a year and see what happens. Maybe I’ll hate it-unlikely! But it makes planning life a bit easier if I set time frames.

Yesterday I finally had the chance to discuss the issue with my boss as before then, for obvious reasons, I was keeping it mum. I am lucky enough to not only have a fantastic boss but also one that, as young physio, lived and worked in London himself and fully understands the desire. His first words “Yes, do it! You won’t regret it!”. A MASSIVE weight off my shoulders as I was really worried about disappointing him but he has been amazing enough to offer to hold my job for me while I’m away. Someone above is seriously watching over me.

So I will head home to Canada for a good cold Canadian family Christmas then head over to London in time to ring in 2013 from the banks of the Thames. I am so excited. I have so many plans and ideas. I want to do an afternoon every month at a different hotel! I want to do the touristy stuff I missed in our short week in January! I want to do lovely English things like Royal Ascot and the Chelsea Flower show. I want to visit the Borough Market again and visit the other markets I missed. I want to visit the gorgeous old towns like Bath, Oxford, Cambridge etc. I want to go to the Harry Potter studio outside London (yes I’m a big nerd!). I want to go shopping! I want to travel in Europe-oh god I have such plans for that one!

So needless to say, I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!! There’s practical matters like somewhere to live, a job etc but they can wait until closer to the time. Until then…..HERE I COME LONDON!!!!!!