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Chai tea. Dark chocolate chips. Oatmeal cookies. These are 3 things that I enjoy immensely. What’s that you say? I should combine them?! Great idea! I don’t even remember how I found this recipe but I immediately bookmarked it with the intention of trying it very soon. I must give credit to BS’ In The Kitchen because it was her blog post that I tried, with a few alterations of my own. Here’s the link to her post.

Ingredients assemble!

Infusing the butter with chai tea

Mixing, stirring, mixing, stirring…

Finished! So many cookies and only me to eat them….

My reward for such hard work! A couple of warm cookies with silver needles tea in my lovely T2 Moroccan tea glass.

The ingredient list:

*1 cup of butter

*4 tbsp loose leaf chai tea (I used T2 Choc Chip Chai)

*2/3 cup sugar

*1.5 cups brown sugar

*2 eggs

*1 tsp vanilla

*1.75 cups flour (I used wholemeal flour because that’s what I usually have on hand)

*2.5 cups rolled oats

*1 tsp baking soda

*1 tsp salt

*a BIG shake of cinnamon (I added this in because I love cinnamon, it’s good for you and it goes well with oatmeal cookies)

*1/2 cup raisins (I used sultanas, more common in Oz and virtually the same thing)

*1/2 cup dark chocolate chips

The putting together:

*In a saucepan over medium heat, combine the butter and tea. Allow the mix to simmer on low heat for 10 minutes.

*Preheat the oven to 375°F/190°C. Line a cookie sheet with baking paper and set aside.

*Drain the tea into a medium sized bowl from the melted butter using a tea strainer (or whatever you have on hand). Now here I deviated from the recipe as it said to let the butter solidify at room temp and not put it into the fridge to accelerate the process. That seemed too long a wait for my impatient self so I skipped this.

*Once cooled, mix the butter with the sugars, eggs and vanilla. It will appear as though you’ve creamed solid butter with the rest and I felt confident with skipping the re-solidifying step.

*Add dry ingredients to the bowl and mix together well.

*I then cooled the mix in the fridge for up to an hour. This is entirely up to you. I saw this in another recipe and decided to do it while I cooked dinner.

*Form mix into balls….whatever size balls you wish. Small balls for small cookies, larger balls for larger cookies etc

*Bake in oven for 12 minutes, depending on your oven. They will come out looking like they’re not fully cooked but they’ll be beautiful and chewy once cooled.

*Allow cookies to cool then transfer to cooling rack.

*Enjoy them while still warm-there is nothing better than cookies still warm from the oven!

Since I’m not supposed to be having milk, I chose to have a few of these warm bits of goodness with a pot of delicate silver needles tea. Yum! I may or may not have had a few more “off camera”…..

Let me know if you’ve had these before or decide to make them! I highly recommend it!