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Chouquette: a small choux pastry sprinkled with large granulated sugar……OR an amazing place to eat in Brisbane! If you live in Brisvegas, this is my absolute number one recommendation for breakfast or lunch. Of course I’m assuming you like French bakeries but really, who doesn’t?!  Chouquette was introduced to me by my lovely friend Kas, a fellow Canadian studying physio here with me and a francophile. From the second I set foot inside, saw the displays, heard the French being spoken…well I fell head over heels in love.

The staff are all French and each customer is greeted with a friendly “Bonjour”. Opened in 2006 by an Aussie with a French mother, Chouquette has grown to become one of New Farm’s favourite weekend haunts and the line often snakes out the door, regardless of the time of day. Every single thing in this authentic boulangerie/patisserie looks like it belongs in a Parisian shop and let me tell you, I have tasted quite a few things and they taste just as good! In typical French fashion, there’s isn’t much sit down space inside, only 4 tables, and you often have to wait and hover to score a seat in the outdoor seating. This adds to the charm of course and they have lovely staff that bring your food outside to you. Also in the typical French way, it’s closed on Mondays and Tuesdays but that only makes you cherish the days it is open. I’ve lived here since 2007 and I’m devastated I only just discovered it last year-imagine the joy that could have been in my life so much earlier!

In an effort to prepare myself for 2 weeks in Paris this past February, I started going to Chouquette almost every weekend and, at one point, a few staff members recognized me! That’s a sign you go somewhere too much….possibly bad for the waistline given the type of business it is! Growing up in Canada, children take French classes from kindergarten and I took immersion classes in high school as well so I like to think I can speak adequate French. I like to make each Chouquette visit a truly authentic experience by speaking with the staff and ordering my treats in French. It’s good practice and makes me feel like I’m in Paris again. Have I mentioned before how much I love all things French? See here for further proof of this.

So, as a frequent customer, what would I recommend you try? Well everything and anything to be quite honest. You can’t go wrong; I have loved every single thing I’ve tried, which is quite a bit thank you. My particular favourites: the almond croissants, the baguette sandwiches (goat’s cheese, spinach, tomato and mushroom is my fav), the eclairs, the pastries and, of course, the macarons! That’s actually only a small sample of what I’ve tried and I look forward to trying something new each time. Actually every time I go to Chouquette, I walk out with at least 2 boxes in my hands…..and that’s AFTER I’ve already had a hot chocolate and an almond croissant!

Here’s a little glimpse of the deliciousness that awaits you on a visit to Chouquette…..

I can personally guarantee you will love Doux Rêve- c’est delicieux!

The tarts taste as beautiful as they look!

Breakfast at Chouquette…..miam!

My favourite filled baguette: goat’s cheese, mushrooms, tomatoes and spinach

My desserts from this particular visit: chocolate eclair, chocolate macaron and apple crumble….all SO delicious!!

If you haven’t yet visited this amazing boulangerie/patisserie…get down to New Farm people! Just make sure it’s not the same time I’m trying to score a seat and a croissant!



19 Barker St. New Farm Qld 4005 Ph 07 3358 6336

Hours: Wed-Sat 6:30am to 5pm; Sun 6:30am-12:30pm; closed Mon-Tues