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Well it’s that again….Olympic time! It comes around every 2 years….whether it’s winter or summer games I don’t care, I love it all!! Canada is a winter sport nation and Australia is a summer sport nation so I get the best of both worlds now!! I reckon I have the right to claim any medal from either country in my final tally so I should do quite well this Olympics!

Now all this talk leading up to tonight’s Opening Ceremony has reminded me of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. For Canada to get the winter Olympics…well you can imagine what it was like to be in the country at the time. Before tickets were released, I decided I had to be there. My uncle passed away the previous year and had left me some money-I figured what better use for it than to have a once in a life experience of going to an Olympic games on my home soil! My lovely mother works at a major Canadian bank who were one of the premier sponsors of the Olympics and, as such, was eligible to get her hands on tickets before they were released to the public. I made my wish list and at 9am the day of release, she got onto the website and snared me some amazing tickets! Several ice hockey games and the Closing Ceremonies! Quite literally a dream come true!

My best friend’s husband had a friend living in Vancouver who had also managed to get his hands on hockey tickets so we started a back and forth about mixing and matching tickets so we could attend the best games! All in all, I managed to secure tickets to the following events:

  • Women’s ice hockey: Canada vs Sweden and Canada vs Switzerland
  • Men’s ice hockey: Canada vs Switzerland, Canada vs Norway, Russia vs Latvia and Czech Republic vs Slovakia
  • The Victory Ceremony where we got to see Canada’s first ever gold medal on home soil awarded
  • The Closing Ceremonies

If you are Canadian or know anything about Canada, you’d know the jackpot was the Canadian men’s hockey tickets. Worth more than their weight in gold! The men’s hockey teams from every country were made up of professional hockey players and professional hockey in Canada is bigger than religion. Yes, I went there but it’s true! Tickets to the gold medal game in which Canada played the US were going for thousands of dollars! The whole country was in front of the television for the game and after we won (2-1 in overtime-I can still feel my blood pressure rise when I remember it!), every single person in the downtown area was in the streets, high-fiving and celebrating with complete strangers!

I will never forget what it was like to be in Vancouver for the Olympic games and I wish that everyone in London takes the time to enjoy the experience of this amazing time in your city. I am so desperately jealous of every single Londoner as I seriously considered going to the London Olympics so I hope they can all look past the inconveniences it will temporarily bring to the city and enjoy the festivities. I cannot wait for it to start and plan to do nothing but watch tv for the next fortnight! Thankfully we have a tv at work so I won’t miss a bit of the action while treating patients.

I had the absolute time of my life during the Olympics. Happy Olympics everyone!! Go Canada!! Go Australia!!

The Olympic Flame at night

Me and my friend Sophia pretending we’re bobsledders!

Vancouver 2010 Olympic mascots

The Olympic flame and the flags of each country during the Closing Ceremony

A bit of patriotism at the Closing Ceremony 😉