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I admit it. I’m one of those lucky people who can eat mostly what I want and not worry about my weight. Don’t hate me though because I understand how lucky I am and, despite my previous sentence, I don’t brag about it. I am not, however, model thin nor do I like my proportions at all times (like most females!). Recently I have been thinking a bit about my shape and have decided that I am possibly an hourglass or a pear figure. Trinny and Susannah (Brits and Aussies would know them) might classify me as a skittle (yes I’m sweet enough ha ha ha), which is a slightly lengthened out pear.  Click here to check out what you might be with their classifications.

Whatever shape I am, I’m the petite version. I’m only 5’3″ (well technically I think more like 5’2″ 3/4 but I like to round up to help my confidence) so one might say I’m a stunted hourglass :). I have always, always, wished I was taller but unless I start wearing 4 inch stilettos daily, this will not happen. My older brother once said to me “you’re just as tall as you need to be”. Sure easy for him to say-he’s about 6’2″!!! Whenever I walk around the apartment in heels, it’s like a whole new world is opened up; I see things from a new perspective and from angles I’m not used to! It’s also a good way to see what I’ve missed in the cleaning!

So back to the title. Last year when I was getting food allergy tests done, I changed my diet for 2 weeks and ended up losing about 2 kg. It probably also helps that at the time I was running 2-3 times a week. Okay let’s be honest: I was walking 90% of the time and jogging for a block or two. Since that time, my exercise has gone down (a result of Christmas followed by holidays followed by, in turns, laziness and illness) but I’ve managed to stay the same weight. My diet has had to change with my newly discovered food allergies in January and those changes have turned my habits on an edge. I love dairy and have been forced to cut it almost completely out of my diet, save for the occasional goat’s cheese or normal cheese relapse. I can no longer have a yogurt cup or cheese and crackers for a snack. No more bowls of cereal or smoothies for breakfast. I never realized just how much dairy I ate until I wasn’t allowed to anymore.

I’ve decided this week to go back to eating like I had back in December when I lost those 2 kgs. I’ve become a big fan of Chic Nuts, which are roasted chickpeas, and their cousins, Fava Nuts, aka roasted broadbeans. Most recently I’ve been introduced to Vege Chips, which are dairy and gluten free crisps. Some homemade snack favourites include trail mix (with dark choc chips to curb my chocolate habit) and “ants on a log”, aka peanut butter on celery with raisins on top. The Aussies were surprised when they saw this snack but it is a classic in any Canadian household.

Some of my new favourite snacks…

Three of out the five days of the work week, I work 9-10 hrs and, as a physio, I don’t always have the time to sit down and have a snack. Having something quick and easy to gobble down on the run is essential or I’ll end up having large periods of not eating and then bingeing! I found a recipe for healthy protein balls and they are sitting in my fridge, ready to go for tomorrow. They incorporate things I love, chocolate, peanut butter, honey, and I rolled them in coconut for an extra taste. Here’s a link to the recipe I used. I didn’t have ground flaxseed and I slightly modified the measurements to suit me but still yum!

Peanut butter protein balls…can’t wait to try them!

I’ve also started keeping a food diary again. This is for 2 reasons: so I can monitor what foods make me feel yuck and so I can make sure I’m eating healthy like I should be. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still have foods I love like chocolate and pasta but I’ll be a bit better with my portions. Or at least I’ll try to!

My dinner tonight: pumpkin, mushroom and bacon risotto-YUM!

Oh and I might try adding a bit more exercise. I’ve started doing equipment pilates once a week now regularly and I love it. It’s so much more fun than boring old mat pilates! I really need to do cardio though-that’s what helps burn off the fat from my chocolate and French pastry binges! I hate cardio. Absolutely positively loathe it. I would much rather play a game of soccer/football to get my cardio but the last time I played soccer regularly I badly sprained my wrist and, as a physio, I kind of rely on my wrists to work! I was, way back in December 2011, going walking/running 2-3 times a week and actually built up my endurance to running for half of it. I absolutely hated it. I feel good at the end of it yes but I totally hate it. I am not a runner. I was a sprinter in school so once my body hits 100m, it gives up. Seriously. The past 2 times I’ve gone for a walk (including yesterday for 30mins), my body has reminded me the next day how little I do it. A bloody walk! That is so ridiculously pathetic that it actually makes me want to do more of that blasted cardio. Desperate times…

So if you have any tips or ideas for eating healthy and exercising, let me know. If you have Twitter or Facebook and need the encouragement like I do, follow me and we can help each other!

P.S. I have found this amazing blog for healthy food and I make a lot of her recipes. I highly recommend Skinnytaste!

P.P.S. I am planning to visit Chouquette, my absolutely favourite place in Brisbane, next weekend so guess I’ll have to up my cardio this week to make up for it. My next post will be about this amazing place. If you live here in Brissy, you must try it!