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Canada. Canadia. The world’s 2nd largest country. My country of birth. The mother land. My heart. Even though I have lived in Australia for around 6 years now, I will always be a proud, patriotic Canadian. July 1st is Canada Day and one of the few days of the year I desperately wish I was back home. Canada Day means summer, no school, BBQ, ice cream, fireworks, friends and family. I grew up in it’s capital, Ottawa, and have always loved being in the capital for it’s birthday. Hundreds of thousands of people descend on Parliament Hill for concert celebrations and a spectacular fireworks display. People come from all over the country to be on “The Hill” for July 1st.

Canada Day in Ottawa!

Canada consistently ranks in the top 10 (if not the top!) countries in the world for desired countries to live in and quality of life. There are many reasons for this, climate notwithstanding. Free healthcare. A multicultural society that accepts any and all. Relative safety. Diversity and opportunity. Marriage rights for all human beings. Canada is pretty awesome eh?

A few of my fave things:

Beavertails!! This is a classic: cinnamon and sugar

Poutine! A French Canadian icon: hot fries/chips, cheese curds and gravy.


Niagara Falls (The Canadian side is the beautiful horseshoe falls….the American side is the ugly, rocky side no one ever sees.)

Lake Louise, Alberta. Simply stunning.

My hometown Ottawa in the summer. Yes folks, Canada does have summer…occasionally.

The Rocky Mountains. This shot was taken outside Jasper, Alberta.

Hockey!! Canadians live and breathe hockey. GO SENS!

Winter! Born in February, I am a winter baby through and through. Minus 30 doesn’t bother me. This is Ottawa in the winter.

Maple syrup! Okay any maple product of ANY kind is a winner!

The Rideau Canal aka the world’s longest outdoor skating rink.

Finally, a bit of Canuck slang for ya:
Canuck: A nickname for Canadians.
Click(s): A kilometre(s).
Converter: The tv remote control. This is an Ontario-specific one I believe.
Double-Double: Something one might order from Tim Horton’s-refers to a coffee with 2 creams and 2 sugars. Do not order “coffee with 2 creams and 2 sugars” as you will be met with a blank look.
Eh: Much like ‘mate’ to the Aussies, this word peppers our sentences. It can make a sentence a question or confirmation. It is often used without being conscious of it and the best way to find a Canadian abroad.
Keener: A overly enthusiastic person.
Loonie: A one dollar coin. There is a loon on the coin, hence the name.
Mickey: a pint of liquor
Pop: Soft drink, soda
Timmy’s/Timmy Ho’s/Tim’s: Tim Hortons-our national icon practically.
Toonie: A two dollar coin. Bit obvious.
Tuque: A knitted cap. Known as a beanie in Australia and US.
Two-four: a 24 pack of beer

Well I will be working the morning of Canada Day but then fully intend to have some poutine and Canadian snacks to celebrate the day. What will you be doing for Canada Day?